About Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Founded in 1900, Puerto Morelos is a small picturesque village just twenty miles south of Cancun, this tranquil town was the first port on the Mexican Caribbean and for many years, the local population thrived from the exportation of natural chewing gum called “chicle” and from products of the vast coconut plantations.

With the decline on the use of natural gum and the loss of the coconut palms due to a devastating virus, the economy of the area turned to fishing, and most recently , to turism. A very gifted town, Puerto Morelos has a beautifull shallow and unspoiled reef running paralell to the coast less than a quarter of a mile from the town’s white sand beaches.

Puerto MorelosThis reef is part of the second largest barrier in the world, begining north of Cancun and running south all the way to Honduras in Central America. Aware of the importance of this natural resource and having witnessed how an unplanned touristic developement destroyed the reefs in cancun, the comunity requested the goverment to create a protected area.

On February 1998, “ The Puerto Morelos Reef Marine Park “ wich encloses the entire reef area between Cancun and Puerto morelos was created by order of the Mexican goverment. Now we proudly invite you to join us and enjoy this beautifull gift of nature hoping thet you will also care for it and help us to keep it alive for generations to come.